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2021 El Diablo Run Schedule Updated June 16, 2020 Friday,  April  30 6:00 a.m. Breakfast at Mo's Egg House 27405 Jefferson Ave. • Temecula, CA Nothing official—doors open at six, and Mo's fills up fast 7:00 a.m. Kickstands up at Mo's Egg House We lead an informal group ride from Mo's every year. You can get breakfast there or just show up ready to roll before 7:00am. We don't have road captains and all that, so make sure to have the route on you so you know where to go when you get separated. (Consider printing the map posted below.) We leave on time, every time, so don't show up with an empty tank—gas up BEFORE breakfast. We will stop once for gas in Santa Ysabel and again at the Yuha Cutoff where S2 hits the 98. We will to top off again in Calexico and then kill some time and let riders catch up  here . We usually cross the border a little after noon when it's nice and hot. The border entrance has been changed a little since 2017, so

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