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El Diablo Run 2019 Dates

Official dates for the 2019 El Diablo Run are:Friday, May 3 (ride in)Saturday, May 4 (party)Sunday, May 5 (whatever)Monday, May 6 (ride home) We moved the weekend to avoid being gone on Mother's Day so momma doesn't get pissed at you again.

Ruben's Campo will be FREE camping on first come-first served, and you can camp on the beach in front of Kiki's or Ruben's for FREE.

If you want help getting a reservation at Kiki's hotels, palapas or somewhere else, you can use our friend JC at Baja Voyager:

It took us a year, but we just got some bitchin'  hard-bound, 100 page coffee table books in stock with words by McGoo and photos by Geoff Kowalchuk. They feature a little history lesson on the origins of the event and a butt load of photos from 2017. Check 'em out in the Biltwell online storehere.
¡Viva Motos con Amigos!

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