The Manifesto

Here's the deal. The EDR is a unique event in that it's designed for people who ride older, home-built, custom motorcycles. Sure, you can ride a stocker or modern machine, but it probably won't be as fun. No one on the El Diablo Run is going to give you shit for what you ride as long as you have a good attitude. If you show up with an extra car battery to power your bike's stereo, neon lights, and think you are a tough guy because you bought a motorcycle... well, we can't guarantee your safety. Seriously, there are a bunch of events for you and this ain't one of 'em.

This run is a challenge for man and machine no matter how you slice it. The miles don't sound that far sitting on your computer. Mexico miles are a little different, so be prepared. If you haven't ridden on an EDR in the past, please thouroughly read all the information on this site and subscribe to the blog or follow Biltwell on Instagram or Facebook, as important details will be published throughout the months leading up to the event. You will be expected to pull your own weight and be self-sufficient. In the words of our friend Walt, "Douchebaggery will not be tolerated".