2015 El Diablo Run Map

Here's a route map, with mileage and written directions, plus a link to a google map:

A big group of us will leave together from Mo's at 0800 on Thursday, but undoubtedly plenty of riders get left in the dust going through traffic leaving town. Know the route, stick to it and you can catch back up at the next gas stop. If you can't do it from memory, you should print this out and have it with you. Once you leave Temecula there are plenty of places where your phone is not going to work so don't depend on it.

The section from Temecula to the 98 is about 123 miles of glorious twisties. Someone always runs out of talent and crashes on this section, so be prepared. I wrote a story about riding in a pack for Chop Cult a while back and you should read it here: http://www.chopcult.com/news/articles/chopcult-archives-how-to-ride-in-a-pack.html

See you soon!



Michael said...

Pretty stoked on EDR and can't wait to be riding south of the border... ok, I'm actually more excite to not be at work and eating fish tacos and drinking some beer. :)

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Humaun Kabir said...

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