El Diablo Run 2015 Dates

We made this video as a joke earlier in the year. We figured people had to be getting tired of the "super-serious, I'm the greatest motorcycle-craftsman in the universe and it's a totally spiritual experience" videos that have been so popular this year. I wish we could have fit a garage door opening scene and some slow-motion sparks from an angle grinder. We thought it was funny, but I don't think anyone else really got it. Watch it if you like McGoo's fanciful prose, our friend Mike Tubb's fake Irish brogue and dudes battling it out on the beach with wiffle ball bats. Yes, there will be a Coctagon for 2015. Bring your A-game, son.

We're going down early next month to dial in details, and we'll share 'em as soon as we get back. In the meantime, the dates are secure, so make your plans:

Thursday, May 28:
Ride to San Felipe, Baja

Friday, May 29:
Hang out, drink beer, fix bikes

Saturday, May 30:
Ride from San Felipe to Ensenada

Sunday, May 31:
Hang out, avoid jail, awards presentation

Monday, June 1:
Split lanes and take names all the way home

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