We're getting a lot of questions lately about the next El Diablo Run. Here's the deal — for the foreseeable future it's going to be an every other year thing. This is for several reasons: it helps keep the crowd down, makes it easier on our friends who come from far away and allows us the time to ride other areas too. We personally love Baja and spend as much time riding there as possible, but like everyone on the EDR, we can only spare so much time off work, away from the family, etc. We've got a fun trip to Canada planned for summer 2014, so that'll be the big trip for us.

So, to answer the question — nope, no EDR for 2014. But, we are planning on one in 2015 and hope to see you there.

-Bill, McGoo & Crew


Jaime Felipe said...

Just came back from a trip to Ruben's Camp in San Felipe this Labor Day weekend. Was a lot chiller than EDR but still fun as ever! All EDR riders and friends, go visit Ruben year round, he could use the business and remember, there are No Bad Days in San Felipe!

Steve Blumberg said...

Any thoughts on what days the Canada run will be yet? Canada is on my list of places to check out, I'm psyched!

Jaysen C. said...

I'm planning on being there for 2015 representing (MD)for east coast, been looking foreword to it for a couple years. I'm hopping to be able to hook up with a small group out there for the ride.

Akansha Singh said...

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