Almost Time

Alright, things are heating up. People are rolling into town already. Bikes are getting furiously worked on and last-minute shake-downs are happening all over. Here's a few things to note:

Turn right here, towards the 8 on S2. Or just follow the pack...

There will gas stops every 50-ish miles between Temecula and the border in Calexico.

On the map, I should have put highway S2 where it shows the Biltwell gas stop on 79. That road has a couple names on google, but it is clearly marked S2 with signs when you are actually on it.

Here's a more accurate and detailed map: http://goo.gl/maps/dPoFN

We are leaving the shell station at Front St and the 79 at 7:00AM on Thursday morning. (29115 Front St.) and will gather up near the border at the Jack in the Box (just north of the old Pizza Hut) at 703 Imperial Ave in Calexico. I'd imagine we'll be there about 11:00 and leave within an hour after everyone has had a chance to top off and grab some lunch.

First gas stop after leaving Temecula is about 50 miles in Santa Ysabel. (Warner Springs gas station is closed.)

Once we leave that stop, we will go through Julian. When we leave Julian, the road called the Banner Grade drops elevation fast and gets super twisty. BE CAREFUL. Someone is going to get hurt on this road, don't let it be you. Give some extra distance between yourself and other riders. You are not going to get lost, and you don't need to pass other people on this section. It's only a few miles, so hang tight.  DO NOT jam on your brakes and wad up the whole pack. DO NOT ride over your head.

At the bottom of Banner Grade, we hook a right on county road S2. I marked this 79 on the shop rag map, so be advised: I'm a moron. We have a gas stop set up on S2 between mile marker 48 and 49. There should be plenty of room to pull over into a little clearing and top off. It is about 50 miles from the last gas stop in Santa Ysabel to this set up. Gary and Kenzie will be filling gas jugs and it'll be up to you to fill your own tank. Yes, they work for tips! If you have a giant tank, save time and gas by letting the dudes with small tanks fill up. No need to top off your five-gallon tanks at this spot.

From the roadside pit stop to the Jack in the Box in Calexico is about another 50 miles. Like I mentioned, that's our rally point. We will give a little time to gas up and grab some lunch, then we're crossing the border. Once we cross, there is no way that we'll all stay together. This is where your adventure starts! Just keep pointing south, try to stay on highway 5 and follow signs to San Felipe. Once you get to SF, get to the lighthouse and follow the coast north for about a mile. We'll be at Kiki's and Ruben's campos.


Doug27 said...

Anyone heading down Friday? May not be able to make it Thurs. Leaving from either North County SD or Riverside area depending on who is going when. Would love to ride w anyone who is going a little later.
Hit me up:

Martin Schneider said...

pretty stoked I got through the Banner Grade pretty quick, and 2UP ;) Passed a dude on a nice swing arm shovel who ate it into the wall pretty bad. Hope he's OK...

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