How to stay out of jail on the EDR

Talking to Jake (two-time Curculo de la Muerte winner) over the weekend brought up a good point. He was telling the story about a couple of guys who got rolled up by the San Felipe cops last time.

Here's the deal and how to avoid the hassle: No Fireworks in Camp. It's simple as that. The palapas are roofed with old, dry thatched palm fronds and go up in flames pretty easily. The people who run the camps are our friends and let us get away with a hell raising good time, but they've nicely asked that we don't blow shit up in the camp. Go down the beach, fine. Wanna wrap your buddy's Honda in det cord and blow it to kingdom come? Drag it out to the Circle of Death track and have at it.

If it's your first time on the EDR, realize that it's a big party. It's loud, people get drunk, it goes all night and it's not the best environment for a good night's sleep. So, if that's a big deal to you, move further down the beach a ways, get a hotel or jam up the road about a mile north and camp there. Otherwise, grab a beer and have fun. There will be no lights-out at 10:00PM so get with it, or avoid it. This is an adult party; please don't bring kids or sensitive types.

Where the cops come in to the picture is if you do decide to disrespect the deal we have with the camp owners. The 60-year old securidad is surely not going to tackle a posse of a dozen dudes to get them to stop. He'll call his bros at the Policia, and they'll roll in later, pick a couple guys at random and off to jail you go. Depending on what you have in your pocket, who got hurt, etc you could be there for a night or two or maybe longer. We don't make these rules or enforce them, the last thing I'm interested in is baby sitting grown men or being the hall monitor. So come have a good time, but stay out of jail!

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