Enter the Coctagon if You Dare

When it debuted at the Slab City Riot in 2010, the Coctagon pitted man against man in a dick-shaped chamber of horrors in what instantly became the most famous freakout in Slab City history. Banned by Imperial County constables in 2011 due to its macabre nature, the Coctagon will rise again on this year's El Diablo Run when 24 men will do battle on the sandy shores of San Felipe. The rules for the Coctagon are simple:

• Helmets and eyewear required
• No dead end blows
• Lose your bat, you're out
• Step or get pushed out of the ring, you're out

The last man standing will win up to $500. This year the entry fee for the Coctagon is $10 per man, and must be paid in cash to Harold "McGoo" McGruther during yard games in San Felipe Friday afternoon.

At sundown Friday McGoo will issue bats to the 24 prepaid combatants and the fight will begin. The final purse will be determined by the number of bikeriders man enough to enter the Coctagon. If we sell all 24 bats, Biltwell will match the $240 entry fee with $260 additional prize money for a winner-take-all total of $500. If we are one man short of the 24-man max showdown, the purse will be 100% of entry fees received. Old racers call this "100% payback."

Here's a video to remind folks who missed the original Coctagon what's in store for them in San Felipe Friday, May 24:


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