EDR V Bike Show Details

We've hosted a super informal motorcycle show on every EDR, and 2013 will be no different. We say "informal" for three reasons:

• The judges are rarely sober

• The prizes are never valuable

• Our esteemed MC never gets the brand of bike or name of the owners correct

Shit box production values aside, this year's EDR Bike Show will be conducted in the parking lot on Sunday in Ensenada, and it's event you don't want to miss.

Like years past, there will be three classes:

• EDR Best in Show—generally given to the hard-ridden machine with the highest build quality and production values, but sometimes our cast of judges has thrown a bone to some rusty runner just to keep things honest

• EDR La Cucaracha—Spanish for "the cockroach," La Cucaracha winners are generally guys whose asses have been so thoroughly kicked by whatever greasy piece of shit they rode to Mexico, they deserve a trophy just for showing up. The fact that these guys wrench morning, noon and night to keep these tired bikes on the road is icing on the cake

• EDR Iron Butt Award—Bestowed upon the man (or woman)  who rode the farthest or took the biggest risks to cross the border. In its five-year history, two women have won the EDR Iron Butt award—a testimony to the fortitude of the fairer sex if ever there was one

Generous sponsors usually pony up for some cool prizes, and when this happens you'll hear about it on this blog first. Good luck and have fun, Diablo Runners, and see you in Mexico!

- McGoo

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