Armchair Outlaws, Rejoice!

The video production team of Tyler Malinky (Lowbrow Customs) and Wes White (Four Aces Cycle) have been avid supporters and participants on the EDR since day one. On EDR IV in 2012 Wes and Tyler combined forces with a team of legit camera, lighting and editing professionals to create the first and only feature-length DVD of our little jaunt to Baja. "EDR—A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure" showcases a half dozen cool bikes and their owner/builders as they recount the trials and tribulations of life on the harsh desert highways of this treacherous foreign landscape. Celebrated by neophytes and seasoned chopper aficionados, "EDR" is a tour de force every serious film and bike buff should have in his arsenal of time wasters. Order your copy today by clicking the image. All proceeds from the sale of "EDR" go to finance stupid things like beer, pussy and rusty motorcycle parts.

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