Pre Run Update

A few of us rode down to San Felipe (and beyond) a couple weeks ago, just to scope things out and see if anything significant has changed. It was really just a good excuse to get out in some perfect weather and carve up some great roads, camp under the stars and get our bromance on.

Everything is good to go in San Felipe. Kiki's hotel is full, there might be a few palapas open. Remember, we've rented out all of Ruben's Campo next door so those palapas will be free on first-come, first-served. The beach, right in front of the camps is also free, and open to all. Just pitch a tent. Kiki is working on some additional hotel rooms if you gotta have your blow-dryer and air conditioning. He swears they'll be ready by May and he's an ass kicker, so I wouldn't doubt that they may be available too. More info about lodging in both San Felipe and Ensenada can be found here: http://eldiablorun.blogspot.com/p/accommodations.html

Highway 5 south of Mexicali is finally NOT under construction. This could change by the time May rolls around, but as of January 2013, the road is in the best shape it's been in for years, maybe decades. Don't worry, Highway 3 is still total dog shit. It's Afghanistanish potholes are sure to punish you sufficiently.

One surprise that really validates these pre run trips – the gas station we always depend on in Warner Springs is now closed. Cerrado. No mas. It's about 70 miles from the Swing Inn (where we start in Temecula) and the first gas station in Borrego Springs. If you are running a ridiculously small cool-guy tank, be prepared. You have to be ready for the 110 mile-ish section from Mexicali to San Felipe anyway.

We are getting stoked and can't wait for this trip, hope you are too!

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