Google Map of El Diablo Run

Tip#32: Know the Route!

You might be surprised how many people show up with no idea where the hell they are going for the next five days–they're just here for a good time and know that they'll end up on a beach in Baja somewhere. That's a good plan, but knowing the route so you can split off from the pack and ride your own pace, etc is a better idea. The EDR blog has a cartoon map on the right side of the page and we'll hand out maps the night before and morning we leave. But, if you wanna be a good Boy Scout and Be Prepared, Nevada Phil just posted up this nice Google map for ya! http://tinyurl.com/bx97x97 Thanks, Phil.

And here's an detail of the new hotel location in Ensenada.

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Doug27 said...

Anyone heading down Friday? May not be able to make it Thurs. Leaving from either North County SD or Riverside area depending on who is going when. Would love to ride w anyone who is going a little later.
Hit me up: