EDR V Sponsors—Thank You!

The following generous companies and individuals ponied up big to support next year's EDR:

24 Cycles (Adam Rittenberg)
47 Industries (Mike Palazzo)
Ace Cycle Supply (Nick McLean)
Biltwell Inc.
Bolts Action (Jake Hobbs)
Burly Brand (Dave Zemla)
Cro Customs (Caleb Owens)
DicE Magazine (Matt Davis)
Deus Ex Machina (Julian Heppekausen)
Four Aces Cycle (Wes White)
Garage Company Customs (Larry Pierce)
Lowbrow Customs (Tyler Malinky)
MotoStuka (Rob Howe)
Old Bike Barn (Barrie Haughton)
Old Gold Garage Co. (Dan Collins)
Star Leather USA (Fredo Barajas)
Street Chopper Magazine (Jeff Holt)
Wrench Magazine (Cary Brobeck)

The proceeds from their contributions will pay for free housing at Ruben's Campo in San Felipe.

That's right: thanks to these hearty souls and great brands, everyone who rolls up at Ruben's Campo on May 23 gets to sleep for free at this jewel on the Sea of Cortez. Accommodations are first come, first served, and sharing space is encouraged. Of course, there's plenty of room on the beach for tents, and these accommodations are included in our deal with Ruben's. Bring a tent and relax!

Thanks again to everyone for all their support.

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