So You Say You want to Sponsor the EDR?

Given the EDR's heritage and allure, it's no surprise so many generous companies and individuals are eager to provide funds and freebies to support the event. Unfortunately, EDR sponsorship can not merely be given; it must be earned. The way to do that has been the same since year one: you have to go on the ride.

Since last week approximately a dozen EDR alumni have ponied up to support Numero Cinco. For their generosity we provide each sponsor with a free palapa in San Felipe, a double room for two nights in Ensenada, and three EDR t-shirts for themselves and their riding buddies. It isn't much, but it's our way of saying thanks for their commitment and support.

We link every EDR sponsor on this website, and will add more names as soon as we receive confirmation.

If you're definitely going on EDR V and you want to support the event, email McGoo for more info. Sponsorship is limited to the first 15 individuals and businesses whose commitments we receive by December 15, so please move fast.

To everyone who's already ponied up for next year's adventure, thanks for your support!

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