Baja Tip #16 (Fishing in San Felipe)

San Felipe has been called a "Drinking town with a fishing problem" for decades. The best way to do it while on the EDR is to arrange something the night before through Kiki or Aaron at Ruben's. A fisherman with a panga boat will pick you up in the morning, right in front of the camp and you can negotiate the cost, etc. He'll supply rods and equipment and he'll know where the fish are, and will generally even clean 'em if you ask. You can bring some beer or whatever and stay out for a few hours easily. Of course the panga dude works for tips, so joke around with him, have a good time and be a generous gringo and tip more than you should. You can give the fish to Aaron to fry up and share right there at Ruben's camp, or cook it yourself on one of the little bbq grilles if you come prepared. Best bet is to be lazy and let the pros do it while you sit around drinking out of coconuts and telling lies.


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This sounds awesome Bill!

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i like Fishing.


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Looks like a nice area and I've heard Lake St. Clair is full of smallmouth bass.