El Diablo Run DVD

We've been working on this since May with our friends Tyler & Wes along with their super pro film and editing crew (used in their bitchin' how-to videos). The master is finally done and the DVD be up HERE in the Lowbrow Customs online store within a week or so. In the video we interview riders from Arizona, Alaska, England, California, Canada and more, and of course check out their bikes. From Kit's Triumph to Dan's knuckle, if you like neat old bikes there is something for everyone. Great riding footage through the mountains and deserts of So Cal and Baja. It's really neat to see our friends and their hand-built contraptions in full HD, hauling ass and raising hell. In the age of YouTube, we figured this DVD better be bad ass so we've included a couple bonuses like a 24-page photo book and a separate CD with the full soundtrack which includes: Bricktop, Archons, Lucero, JD King, Dave Angstrom, Inverted Nines, Spitfire Tumbleweeds, Speed Twin and the New York Ninjas. Huge thanks to all of our friends who've helped out on this project!

The first screening for the film will be in Cleveland, Ohio. Here's the flier and a microsite with all the details.

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Chopper Crizy said...

Fuckin' great DVD!!!!