After much thought, we're not going to do a 2012 El Diablo Run. We had a great time this year, and really want to thank everyone who came and made it happen. It's not the kind of event that is ever going to be something you can count on year in and year out. We do it because it's fun, and when it starts to feel like work, we'll back off and take a break. We will most likely do another one down the road sometime, but for now it's going into hibernation. This helps keep it special and not something to take for granted.

Anyone who went on this year's run probably noticed the film guys running around. This wasn't some big TV production, just something we thought would be neat. Our friends Tyler from Lowbrow and Wes from Four Aces Cycle have been doing some cool DVD's lately, from the inspirational Salt Ghost flick to a slew of tune and service and welding How-To's. We teamed up with them and their production crew to produce a roughly hour long film about the whole EDR experience. This DVD will feature a ton of riding footage, interviews with a riders and a wide range of bike features. If you like down and dirty, home-built motorcycles that get ridden hard instead of self-appointed master builders, unrideable show bikes and inflated egos, you will like this film. At least we hope so.

Our goal is to premier it Friday night at Slab City this year, but that is going to be a serious crunch and I wouldn't doubt it if we just have a preview. Whether we make that deadline or not, we'll have it available through the Lowbrow Customs website in plenty of time for the holidays and there is already a screening scheduled Dec. 17th in Cleveland, Ohio. We'll follow up with one in So Cal and several others, so stay tuned!

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