Curva Peligrosa

For you gringos who haven't been to Baja yet, watch for highway signs that say "Curva Peligrosa". Loosely translated this means either "Kinda twisty through here" or "Holy shit, you should have slowed down a lot more!"

When you see Peligroso on a tequila bottle, that translates to free go-juice from the San Clemente crew who just hooked up EDR riders with three cases of the good stuff and three bottles of the super good stuff - the Anejo, plus a bunch of hats, shirts and bandanas. The tough guy dog is Willis doing his best bandito impersonation. He's not going. Anyway, muchas gracias, Peligroso!

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mark said...

Don't forget about the "Topes" (Randomly placed Mexican speedbumps"