Pack Yer Bags!

Gabe at AHC put together this little survival kit just for the EDR. Here's what he's got to say about it:

Not sure what to pack for the road?...here's the AHC travel kit, perfect for the EDR and all road trips. It comes with a Gerber 3.0 partially serrated linerlock folding knife, Gerber Firecracker flashlight with a
handlebar mount, a huge microfiber camp towl and a fully stocked bathroom bag. The bag has a stainless hook to hang it and a (crappy) mirror, with all the pockets & storage you need. You get mostly name brand shit - mouthwash, a tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, tissues, wipes, body wash/shampoo, hand sanitizer, body powder, lip balm, cotton swabs, energy shot, and 2 things that you do NOT get chincy on when it comes to Mexico - Pepto pills &  regular Trojan condoms, not the thin fuckers!... not in Mexico my friend.

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