EDR IV Schedule of Events

Nothing about Mexico specifically or the EDR in general follows what any organized person might call a schedule, but this is the basic itinerary for everything Billdozer and I are in charge of attending or executing on this year's hell ride to Baja:

Wednesday, May 4

2:00 pm–6:00 pm: Biltwell Open House (free beer while supplies last, light last-minute bike maintenance before Thursday's departure)
6:00 pm–whenever: booze and grub at Old Town Temecula location TBD

Thursday, May 5

8:00 am: kickstands up, throttles pinned from Penrod's Cafe in Old Town Temecula. This does not mean "meet us for breakfast at eight," it means "gassed up and running."
4:00 pm: Cash bar and taco stand opens at Ruben's Campo in San Felipe. Grub and booze will flow most of the night immediately upon our arrival at this San Felipe base camp

Friday, May 6

8:00 am to 10'ish: cash stand for breakfast burritos and coffee at Ruben's Campo
4:00 pm–5:00 pm: Circulo de la Muerte at dirt track across the street from Ruben's Campo
6:00 pm–whenever: cash bar and taco stand at Ruben's Campo

Ruben's Campo is the safest, funnest place to be while we're in San Felipe, and this is where I will be spending most of my money and my time. Splinter cells will probably form among dudes who want to fish, look at titties, shop for trinkets or ride down to the Puertocitas hot sprints on Friday, but Ruben's is the place to be in San Felipe. Tentative arrangements are in place for professional entertainers Friday and Saturday night.

Saturday, May 7

6:00 am–9:00 am: Breakfast burritos and coffee at Ruben's. There's no official departure time for Ensenada on Saturday morning, but stragglers rarely lollygag much past 11:00 am. The 150 mile ride across Baja on Saturday isn't slow, but it can be grueling, so most people like to get an early start. Ensenada is the first place many Diablo Runners will take their first hot shower, so people are generally pumped to hit the road. Kekko has promised to crank up the coffee and breakfast cart early on Saturday morning to accommodate any early risers, or those of us who never went to sleep

2:00 pm–whenever: cash bar and taco stand by the swimming pool at Marina Hotel, Ensenada

Our old friend Juan Carlos is hosting the food and booze stands for Diablo Runners in Ensenada this year, and he always delivers.

Sunday, May 8

noon to whenever: cash bar and taco stand in the motorcycle parking lot at Marina Hotel
3:00–4:00 pm: Bike show judging in the Marina Hotel parking lot. If you want your bike to be considered for the show, it must be in the parking lot between these hours. Bike show classes and judges have yet to be determined, but we'll publish more info as it develops
4:30 pm: Bike show trophy presentation at the poolside taco stand and cash bar at the Marina Hotel

The 10th floor lounge and disco at the Marina Hotel will be open all weekend, and EDR guests are encouraged to enjoy their hospitality. No official EDR activities are scheduled for this venue, but 'll be chilling there with friends after dinner Sunday night

Monday, May 9

It's every man for himself on Monday morning. Our chase trucks probably won't pull out before noon, but if you leave Ensenada after that, you're on your own.

That's it. Please print the map on this website so you know where you're going, and bring plenty of cash for all that sweet food, booze and entertainment. We can't guarantee any one-legged strippers will be waiting for you at Ruben's on Thursday, but a man can dream!


BeerBreed said...

We are already getting our bikes ready for the ride to EDR.
Cant wait!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Phew, I thought for a second that Harold and I were going to have to be the professional entertainers. Or worse, ME!

Social Direkter said...

Haha! I remember the "professional entertainment" from EDR3. McGoo is a good looking guy and all. But I doubt that he's lactating...

Time To Fly said...

Are you still planning the Pizza Hut stop on your way down? You'd mentioned this before?

Harold McGruther said...

Pizza Hut stop in Mexicali (or is it Calexico? The American side) is still a go, and I suspect we'll be there around 11:30 or noon. However, nothing's official, and the second anyone fires up his bike after lunch we'll probably haul ass south.

Time To Fly said...

Thanks man we'll be sure to get there early.

wilfrido said...

We are ready with our motorcycles for the event the EDR from CDMX Mexico. regards. Cant wait!