Rob Rouser Sporto Award

Our favorite Texan and EDR lover, Rob Rouser has an idea for an award on this year's ride. See, Rob loves sporties so he wants to pick his favorite and then hook that dude up with a set of these modified to fit sporties moto pegs as a sort of trophy.

Here's what he's got in mind: The winner will be chosen on a total package kind of thing, the person, the moto, the distance traveled... You know what I mean, not just a "wow, that moto is cool". I'll even do a short "interview" on the chosen one for a blog entry, just a couple of pics and a few fun facts of the moto and rider.  I hope yall are down with my idea?

Hell yeah, Rob. We're into it. So get that XL ready son!


buscemi said...

hmm. was planning to take the shovel, but those pegs have my name written all over them. maybe i will take the sporty after all. i know how much rob loves my total package.

marty said...

Would it be stupid of me to bring my 77 xlch1000, i ride it around town(san bern) but i havent had the best of luck lately with her,(broken primary belt) i can imagine everyone taking off from a break in the desert leaving me and my non starting bike.

Internet1%er said...

Really cool idea but, You need to get a "Sportster guy" to be a judge.