Never Readys IE MC on EDR

Last night Billdozer and I met Gil Fabian, Irish Mike, Ryan Dunn and a bunch of other cats from a couple clubs on SoCal to talk EDR over hot wings and beers. Good times and good vibes. Most of the questions Gill's posse asked are answered on this blog, but I'll repeat our super-abbreviated answers to some of the most frequent inquiries here:

"Do I need a passport?" Yes. If you have questions about passports, go here.

"Can I take a gun?" It is ill-advised. It is illegal. I recommend no.

"Can I bring weed?" Since the first 200 miles of our adventure are on US roads, and since possession of narcotics is mostly frowned upon by US police officers, I recommend no. There's plenty of sand at the beach, as they say.

"Who can I count on to carry my extra gas and gear?" Since one of the basic tenets of the El Diablo Run has always been self-sufficiency, the answer to this question has always been the same: no one.

"Where can I book hotel rooms?" Here

"Where is the official jump-off point for the ride?" There isn't one. There is an unofficial meeting spot at the Pizza Hut on the US side of the Calexico/Mexicali boarder off highway 111, and we will be stopping there around noon May 5 for food and gas. This is where many guys from LA and SD counties meet up with our IE posse for the boarder crossing into Mexico.

"Is Mexico safe?" How do you define "dangerous?" If you do a burnout on the sidewalk in front of a Mexican taco stand and six cops beat you like a pinata, you probably had it coming. If you are riding 100 miles per hour on a desolate two-lane and a chicken truck pulls in front of you, maybe you should slow it down. If you live like a dumb ass, chances are you will die like a dumb ass. If not in Mexico, then somewhere else.


Time To Fly said...

Love your answer to "Is Mexico safe"! So very true!!!!

mr said...

The easy to understand answer is;