EDR Gear Guide: Sleeping Bags

Billdozer lost his favorite bivvy sack on a chopper hoedown a couple years ago, but I've seen him put that sack through its paces, and his setup made sense. I'm going to bite his style with a lightweight bag for this year's adventure, and this is the one I'm buying:
Forty bucks is cheap enough that after you're finished sleeping off your five-day bender, you can give your stinky sack to the first homeless Mexican you see on your way out of Ensenada. Bam! Everybody wins. Shop for this and other low-cost camping goods at Cheaper Than Dirt!

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Tyler said...

Rad, I just bought one. My zero degree bag for Ohio use is much too bulky to be strap to my bars while tearing it up in baja. Thanks for doing the research and saving me time, McGoo