EDR: Fishing Update

Lots of people are weirded out by the imagined danger of traveling in Baja. The media has hyped things up to such a point that many Americans wouldn't even consider crossing the border. That is part of what makes it fun for us. The scared people stay home and you get to hang with the more open-minded types who think for themselves and aren't pussies.

Speaking of not being a pussy, this is my good friend Ron Brant. He's been desert racing in Baja since Christ was a corporal and he just retired in Mulege which is way the hell farther south than San Felipe. He ain't scared and he's 65. In fact, he's SO not scared, he sent me this photo this morning of the fish he caught yesterday. Damn, Ron!

If you happen to like fishing, talk to one of the guys at Kiki's or Rubens (where we are staying in San Felipe) and you can easily arrange for a fishing boat (called a panga) to pick you up and take you out for a few hours. It's worth doing and you can take the fish into town and ask a taco shop lady to fry it up for you, share it with her, your friends, etc. The skippers have poles and tackle, etc basically all you do it jump in the boat and bring your sunscreen, beer, and whatever else you need. They take care of everything else and expect tips so bring a few extra pesos to stoke them out.

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