Circulo de Muerte

Riders ready, watch the lights!
The Circle of Death is back. Friday in San Felipe we will gather at the roughly-graded oval track behind the campground if all goes well. Not like we have permits for this thing, so we gotta play it by ear. It will be open to any motorcycle that was ridden to San Felipe. No ringers or trailered race bikes. There will be no classes and we'll run motos if there are too many to fit on the track at once. In 2008 a primary belt or two got destroyed so we are going to do it backwards. This will save some open belts and make things more difficult with the rear brake on the inside...

This year Shawn Long of The Imperial House outdid himself on the grand prize for the winner. Whoever wins this will have one seriously cool memento to hang on the garage wall. This is all hand painted on a Primer Red Biltwell Novelty lid. We've given away a lot of trophy helmets over the years but this one takes the cake. Thanks Shawn, you rule! Check out more of his work HERE.

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