San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

The first two nights of the EDR we stay in San Felipe, on the Sea of Cortez.

You can see that big ass party palapa on the beach at Ruben's from space.
The Panga skippers know where the fish are.
You can rent all your equipment from these dudes
for cheap and just go out for a couple hours.
The water is bath-tub warm and the beach is really shallow and sandy. You can arrange to go out fishing, ride on a giant inflatable banana behind a sketchy boat, fly in a VW-powered ultralight with some creepy European guy or sit around and drink beer and fix your bike.

These ladies know how to cook! Bring them your catch and they'll cook it up for you.
They are the little turquoise shack next to the Club Bar Miramar at the north end of the malecon.

It's easy to eat well in San Felipe. You can go to high end sit down food at the El Nido, or just grab a fresh fish taco from a street vendor. It's also usually pretty easy to buy a few kilos of shrimp early in the AM from a local fisherman and grill them up yourself.

Beach side tree forts at Kiki's. You can call ahead and reserve one.
The ones at Ruben's are first come first serve.
You can see how centrally located everything is around the palapas at Kiki's and Ruben's. For info on lodging, click here. If you want to google around and check it out from space, click here.

Nothing beats Nick's pan at Kiki's.

The sunrises are very bromantic and always a trip to Californians to watch the sun come up over the water.
You'll probably be way too hung over to notice.

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