Trumpnut Nick, EDR '07. I started this day still pretty drunk from the night before. I made it about 25 miles before I realized I was still in third gear. Sure went faster once I up shifted... The damned magneto on this bike gave me trouble for well over a year until I finally broke down and sent it to Hunt for a rebuild. Solid after that, but man I spent some time on the side of the road until that got sorted. Nick happened to be going by in a truck this day somewhere south east of Ojos Negros. He stopped and helped me get it going. Nick is a generous, super-smart dude that is a blast to hang out with. I rode it to Ojos and then threw it in a trailer and hopped on Fredo's shovel and rode that the rest of the way to Ensenada. I noticed later that his rear brake caliper was hanging by about one thread on one bolt and the other one had already fallen out. The problem with the Triumph ended up being the input shaft on the mag (it rounded out). I made a new one out of an allen wrench in Ensenada and with some help from Wes and Nick we got her going again and I rode it home no problemo...

My point? These experiences on the road are rich, and are what makes for good friends and good memories. Thanks, Nick!

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Ea$yCo said...

I remember that! goin around asking for a hacksaw!! Haha what a fun trip!