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We put up these wheat paste posters back in 07 on an abandoned building between Mexicali and San Felipe. No wonder Shepard Fairey likes this stuff so much, it's crazy durable. That building smells like poop but looks good from the highway.

Here's the deal on sponsorships. There are way more grass roots events now then there were when we started this thing back 2005. Supporting these events for small chopper companies takes a financial toll, even if it is totally worth it and fun to do.

We don't want the EDR to be one more responsibility for these guys, or one more thing they've got to pay to sponsor. We want this to be fun, not work.

So, if you've got a company, blog, whatever, and would like a link on the El Diablo Run home page, give us a link on your page, and let me know: bill@eldiablorun.com and we will put your link up on ours.

Only one catch. You have to commit to going on this thing. Even if we are bros and swap manhugs every time we see each other, you have to pinky promise that you will ride your motorcycle to Mexico and drink out of coconuts with us, or no link for you!

I already added a few of you old favorites, if for some reason you aren't going, let me know and I'll take you off the links and then cry myself to sleep.

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Allen said...

I'm so already there I need someone to slap me in the face as hard as you can! Biltwell Rules.